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What is Apama Community Edition?

Apama Streaming Analytics allows organizations to monitor fast moving data in order to detect complex business events or patterns of behaviour and then respond to those events automatically, the moment they happen.

Apama Community Edition is a freemium version of Apama by Software AG that can be used to learn about, develop and put streaming analytics applications into production.

How Do I Get Apama Community Edition?

Simply click on ‘Download Apama Community Edition’ (there’s no registration form to fill in). That’s it!

Getting Started

To help you get started, we’ve included some video tutorials and we’ll be adding to these as well as creating additional blogs to help you on your way to becoming an expert over the coming days and weeks.

As a brief introduction to how Apama works, we recommend you look at the paper we’ve put together on the Apama Platform and you will also find the complete documentation here.

Instructional Videos

My First Apama Application

Apama applications are quick and easy to write – you can be up and running in minutes!

Overview of the Apama Weather demo

We break down one of the demos included with Designer in this video to give you an idea of what a typical Dashboard based project contains.

Apama Queries - Overview

This video imports our ATM fraud sample, which uses Apama Queries. It gives a detailed explanation of how Queries fit within a project, and interacts with the monitor and dashboards.

Watch More Videos

Blog posts

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Creating your own Apama Connectivity Plugins

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Headless and non-interactive Apama Installations

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We’ve put together some initial tutorial videos to help you get started with Apama. There’s a video that could help… Read More

Examples of how customers are using Apama

ING Bank, with 63,000 employees and operations in over 40 countries, built its global monitoring solution in less than 3 months instead of 18

Okasan Online Securities built a single platform for company-wide use to provide agility, efficiency and strategic differentiation of its financial services business

Germany-based Schwering & Hasse, which runs 400 production lines around the clock, built a transparent factory with immediate visibility into production quality

Royal Dirkzwager, one of the world’s leading maritime service providers, increased the number of messages it handles in real-time by 300% to respond faster to client requests