Refreshing access tokens in EPL apps without redeploying

EPL apps provide a way to add your own logic according to the use cases into Cumulocity IoT in the form of a monitor file. One such use case could be talking to HTTP endpoints secured with authorization protocols which involve access tokens. This post talks about the problems and the possible solution for this particular use case.

Usually these access tokens are only valid for a certain period of time and then need to be refreshed with the authorization server once expired.… Read More

Apama Oct 2021 update

The latest version of Apama has arrived, version 10.11.0, with a focus on supporting the latest platforms. This follows Apama’s commitment to support the latest technology, incorporate the latest security updates and allows you to take advantage of the latest features.

Version 10.11.0 Platform changes

The embedded Java JDK (optionally) utilized within the correlator and IAF has been updated from Java 8 to Java 11. Therefore, any Java code in your projects must be updated to work against Java 11.… Read More

Apama Apr 2021 update

The latest version of Apama has arrived, incorporating 10.7.0 and 10.7.1, with several developer-focused improvements.

Version 10.7.0 PySys

The PySys testing framework includes a number of improvements making automated testing of EPL easier and more powerful. PySys has been updated to version 1.6.1 and you can refer to the PySys change log for full details.

The new PySys highlights include:

New BaseTest.assertThatGrep() method for extract and assert use cases New plug-in API to write simpler Apama specific code such as correlator = self.apama.startCorrelator('testCorrelator',… Read More

Upcoming Apama 10.11 release information – Java® 11

What is changing?

Existing 10.x versions of Apama come with a Java® 8 JDK, but the upcoming October 2021 release of Apama 10.11 will come with a Java 11 JDK. This means all Java code executed by correlator and IAF processes will be executed with Java 11.

Some of the most notable changes in the new Java version are:

Removal of some APIs including JAXB (see JEP 320) The default garbage collector has changed from Parallel GC to G1GC

Some key points about G1GC from Oracle® are as follows:

The Garbage-First (G1) garbage collector is targeted for multiprocessor machines with a large amount of memory.… Read More

Community round-up – Functional EPL

While Software AG is busy adding features to Apama, the community is busy creating and publishing things as well. We maintain an index of the various community-created projects here. We hope that these community libraries and plug-ins can be useful for others and share them for people to use. Improvements and contributions are also very welcome.

This is part three of this series of community round-up blogs. You can find the previous blog post here, which looked at some EPL plug-ins.… Read More