Introducing the EPL Apps tools SDK

Calling all Apama EPL Apps users – from Apama 10.5.3!

Within Cumulocity IoT the “Apama EPL Apps” product component allows a user to deploy Streaming Analytics solution elements in the form of single EPL files.

Are you sick and tired of discovering bugs in your EPL apps after they have been deployed to production? Do you wish there was an easy way to test their behavior in a repeatable way that can be automated?… Read More

Introducing the Apama Log Analyzer

Here in the Apama R&D team we’re not only passionate about delivering great products but we also love to find creative ways to empower our users to quickly analyze and solve any problems in the applications you’re building on top of our platform. In this post we’re going to introduce a non-product log analysis script which we’re contributing to the Apama community and hope you’ll find really useful!

How did this tool get created?… Read More

Apama and Jenkins CI tools integration

In a healthy development environment it is a good idea to catch issues early, and Continuous Integration (CI) is a technique that can catch errors at the point changes are introduced into the code base by developers. We can use popular CI tools such as Jenkins with Apama, to provide CI and ensure that developer commits are tested and checked. This blog post shows step by step how you can do this.… Read More