Passing Secrets to the Correlator With Docker and Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes both provide a means for passing encrypted data into your application through secrets.

To demonstrate this, a new sample has been added to our GitHub repository.

This sample demonstrates how to set the variable CORRELATOR_NAME using a secret, which is then read by a configuration file which is loaded into the correlator.

These secrets could be used for securely passing credentials to HTTP/REST clients. An example of doing this to access the API is shown below (all commands are for Linux).… Read More

Advanced usage of the Any type

In our previous Introduction to the Any Type blog, we learned about the new EPL any type introduced in 10.1. In 10.2, we expanded the set of reflection capabilities on the any type. These new additions increase our ability to write even more generic and dynamic Apama applications, so let’s explore them now!

Reflection Capabilities Of the Any Type:

Reflection allows EPL to act on values of an any type object in a generic way, including altering the behavior to adapt to what fields or actions a type has.… Read More

Using Apama with Docker and Kubernetes

In Apama 10.2 we have upgraded the versions of Docker that we use. We have moved to Docker v17.09.0-ce, Docker Compose v1.16.1 and Compose API 3.3. In addition we have also introduced support for using Kubernetes. Our Docker samples now include Kubernetes orchestration files that are the equivalent of the the YAML files supplied for Docker Compose.

Assumed KnowledgeHow to start a correlator, including using a YAML configuration. Using Docker containers.… Read More

Docker Packaging Kit for Apama applications now available on GitHub

Apama image and application samples are now available as a ready-to-go Docker image along with Kubernetes config file on GitHub! Please visit to get started.

These samples function using the provided Dockerfile to create an image from your Apama installation. Most of them also work with the pre-built images, which are available for free from Docker Store. You can add them to your Store account by visiting

The GitHub repository contains configuration and samples to help you containerize and run Apama components and applications in Docker.… Read More

New in 10.1 – Introduction to the Any Type

In Apama 10.1, we introduced a new type any to EPL, which can hold a value of any concrete EPL type (equivalent to Object type in Java or auto in C++). This means it is now possible to write EPL applications in much more generic ways. In this blog, we shall explore some of new possibilities, code simplifications and other benefits that the any type gives us. To get the full story on how any functions (what actions are available on it and similar) please refer to the samples or doc.… Read More