New in 10.1 – Introduction to the Any Type

In Apama 10.1, we introduced a new type any to EPL, which can hold a value of any concrete EPL type (equivalent to Object type in Java or auto in C++). This means it is now possible to write EPL applications in much more generic ways. In this blog, we shall explore some of new possibilities, code simplifications and other benefits that the any type gives us. To get the full story on how any functions (what actions are available on it and similar) please refer to the samples or doc.… Read More

Innovation Week Results

Last week, SoftwareAG held a cross-company innovation event, where engineers from across the globe came together to create cool new systems and technologies. For one team in Apama, that of course meant playing around with RaspberryPi devices. Community members might recall our previous internal hackathon which produced an EPL plug-in for interfacing Apama with the on board GPIO system, and we are happy to report that this project has made a lot of progress in the past few days.… Read More

Celebrating International Pi Day 2018

Each year, around the world on the 14th March there are a number of celebrations related to the mathematical constant represented by the Greek symbol Pi, which can be approximated to the value 3.14, hence the chosen date ( In recent years however, the IT industry has also begun to use the day to celebrate the record breaking success of the small, low cost, single board computer known as the Raspberry Pi that is widely used in both education and industry – over 19 million units sold.… Read More

Securing Apama

When deploying applications servers, security is a very important consideration. Apama contains some security features, but predominantly uses the native features of the platform it runs on to secure access to it. This enables us to concentrate on the functionality of our product and to reuse a trusted security mechanism.

Correlator management port

The most important thing to secure is the correlator management port (by default 15903). Access to this port gives you the ability to inject and run arbitrary EPL or Java code within the correlator.… Read More

Cambridge Community Hackathon

Early in December, the Cambridge UK office held a late afternoon and evening Hackathon around the Apama Community Edition. With an office full of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, it was perhaps no surprise that most of the projects revolved around the ARM build of Apama! Oh, and the pizza was good too.

Callum, Ian and Ben investigated upgrading our old GPIOPlugin to use the new (and much fancier) EPL Plugins API, which happily was a great success with all our old tests passing.… Read More