Securing Apama

When deploying applications servers, security is a very important consideration. Apama contains some security features, but predominantly uses the native features of the platform it runs on to secure access to it. This enables us to concentrate on the functionality of our product and to reuse a trusted security mechanism.

Correlator management port

The most important thing to secure is the correlator management port (by default 15903). Access to this port gives you the ability to inject and run arbitrary EPL or Java code within the correlator.… Read More

Cambridge Community Hackathon

Early in December, the Cambridge UK office held a late afternoon and evening Hackathon around the Apama Community Edition. With an office full of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, it was perhaps no surprise that most of the projects revolved around the ARM build of Apama! Oh, and the pizza was good too.

Callum, Ian and Ben investigated upgrading our old GPIOPlugin to use the new (and much fancier) EPL Plugins API, which happily was a great success with all our old tests passing.… Read More

More Advanced Queries: “Don’t .qry for me Argentina”

In a previous blog, we learned about Apama Queries, including how to build a simple application using the Query Designer graphical interface. This GUI is a powerful tool, allowing users to build full, complex systems without resorting to coding. But the UI is actually building an underlying textual representation of the query. So what does that look like? Let’s find out.

Query definition

Recall that like a regular EPL listener, a query searches for an event pattern that you specify.… Read More

New in 10.1 – HTTP Server Connectivity Plugin

In Apama 10.1, we introduced a connectivity plug-in to allow Apama to act as a simple HTTP server, such as within the community edition or on edge devices. For more fully featured HTTP server use cases, we recommend that Apama be used in conjunction with other Software AG products, such as the webMethods Integration Server or Cumulocity.

The intent of this plug-in is to provide a light-weight HTTP server alternative that doesn’t require a JVM, as is required by the existing Java sample.… Read More

Apama 10.1 now available on Docker Store!

Apama is now available as a ready-to-go Docker image on The Docker Store.

With the 10.1 release, Software AG is starting to deliver some of the components of the Digital Business Platform as Docker images through Docker Store, and Apama is one of those components. Docker images makes the components even easier to deploy and run on any infrastructure. Software AG recognizes the rapid emergence and power of container technology, in which Docker is leading the way.… Read More