To serve as a central, canonical location for community content, we have created a public repository hosted on GitHub.
If you are searching for some helpful code or tooling for Apama, we recommend you first check here. Submissions of anything useful you may have created are also very welcome.

Apama Community on GitHub

Examples of community plug-ins already available on GitHub include:

Connectivity Plug-Ins

CSV Codec – Translation of CSV format messages
File Transport – Ingestion of files from disk
RegEx Codec – RegEx operations on messages

EPL Plug-Ins

RaspberryPi GPIO – For interfacing with the RaspberryPi on board GPIO

Frameworks and Libraries

RxEPL – The ReactiveX framework (Observables) implemented entirely in EPL
Action Binding – JavaScript-esque action binding in EPL
Lambdas – Lambdas for EPL