We’ve put together some initial tutorial videos to help you get started with Apama.

There’s a video that could help you get started with Apama Community Edition and describe how to write your first Apama application which shows you how to interact with external APIs such as Twitter: My First Apama Application.

For the Linux developers we’ve got a video detailing some of our command line tools and how useful they can be: Using Apama from the Linux Command Line.

We’ve also broken down one of our samples in detail so you can see how easy it is to put a more visual dashboard project together: Overview of the Apama Dashboard.

And we’ve put together a couple of videos on queries giving you an overview of what Apama Queries is (Apama Queries Overview) and an example of how to create your own query: Apama Queries – Creating a Query.

We plan to add to these in the coming weeks and months, and if you have any requests for specific tutorials you might find useful, please get in touch and we will keep these in mind.

There are also a lot of tutorials and samples that get installed with Apama which you can use for more inspiration and learning.

– Sharon