A Double Win for Apama Community Edition

Apama Community Edition has been out for just a few weeks and I’m delighted to let you that we’ve already had two great items of news: not only has Apama been named in the most recent Streaming Analytics report by Bloor Research as the undisputed champion in its field, but Bloor has reviewed the Community Edition of Apama and given it a comprehensive thumbs-up too.

In their analysis of Apama (available here: http://info.softwareag.com/Bloor-streaming-analytics-market-report.html),… Read More

Creating your own Apama Connectivity Plugins

Apama offers a multitude of ways to connect to external systems, and one of the easiest and powerful ways is via Connectivity plug-ins. They can be written in either Java or C++ and run inside the Correlator process.

You can combine individual plugins to form chains that define the path of a message, with the correlator host process at one end and an external system or library at the other, with an optional sequence of message mapping transformations between them.… Read More

Headless and non-interactive Apama Installations

A common request from our customers is for a headless, non-interactive installation of Apama and I’m pleased to say this is possible for the Community Edition of Apama too.

We’ve created a script that does this for the current version of Apama Community Edition (, downloadable here. This script is for Linux installations, but you can easily create one for Windows by following the instructions further down the page.

When using the script, you’ll need to tailor it for your installation:

Change the PAM.Work.Directory,… Read More


We’ve put together some initial tutorial videos to help you get started with Apama.

There’s a video that could help you get started with Apama Community Edition and describe how to write your first Apama application which shows you how to interact with external APIs such as Twitter: My First Apama Application.

For the Linux developers we’ve got a video detailing some of our command line tools and how useful they can be: Using Apama from the Linux Command Line.… Read More

Introducing Apama Community Edition

We’re excited to announce that, as of today, we are making a free version of Apama, called Apama Community Edition, available to anyone who wants to use it.

This means that anyone who wants to learn about Streaming Analytics and how they can put their own applications into production can do so by downloading the world’s leading Streaming Analytics tool from the Apama Community.

For those of you new to the world of Streaming Analytics, it enables organizations to monitor large volumes of information in real-time to spot significant, yet complex patterns of events and respond to them intelligently and immediately, while it’s still possible to do something to influence the outcome.… Read More