Modelling a biscuit factory robot with Apama, Lego Mindstorms EV3 and a BrickPi

There have been a few new starters in the Apama team over the last 12 months and the idea for “EPL Club” came up where us newbies would get together with coffee and biscuits to develop our EPL knowledge with a ‘real’ project. As part of Software AG’s Helix transformation and associated empowerment budget, we were able to purchase a Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit and BrickPi3 for the Cambridge office which we decided to use to give this this project a more physical/visual aspect than some bytes on a disk or characters on a screen.… Read More

Internship and Enhancing EPL Testing (Part 1)


Any software engineer who’s had to deal with unit testing will know the frustrating experience it can be. Whether it’s the steep learning curve of having to learn a new framework or language, unhelpful log messages or having to learn a plethora of new CLI arguments, there’s something terrible in unit-testing for everyone. Here in the Apama team, we have looked into ways to smooth out the experience for our customers and provide them with powerful tools to build reliable EPL code.… Read More

Running tests on EPL apps


Following on from the first blog post that introduces our new Apama EPL Apps tools SDK, the aim of this article is to take you through the steps involved in creating and running tests on your EPL apps. If you have not already read the previous article or checked out the EPL Apps Tools SDK on GitHub, I recommend you do this before continuing.

In this demonstration I have an EPL app that I wish to test. … Read More

Introducing the EPL Apps tools SDK

Calling all Apama EPL Apps users – from Apama 10.5.3!

Within Cumulocity IoT the “Apama EPL Apps” product component allows a user to deploy Streaming Analytics solution elements in the form of single EPL files.

Are you sick and tired of discovering bugs in your EPL apps after they have been deployed to production? Do you wish there was an easy way to test their behavior in a repeatable way that can be automated?… Read More

Introducing the Apama Log Analyzer

Here in the Apama R&D team we’re not only passionate about delivering great products but we also love to find creative ways to empower our users to quickly analyze and solve any problems in the applications you’re building on top of our platform. In this post we’re going to introduce a non-product log analysis script which we’re contributing to the Apama community and hope you’ll find really useful!

How did this tool get created?… Read More