Apama and Jenkins CI tools integration

In a healthy development environment it is a good idea to catch issues early, and Continuous Integration (CI) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous_integration is a technique that can catch errors at the point changes are introduced into the code base by developers. We can use popular CI tools such as Jenkins with Apama, to provide CI and ensure that developer commits are tested and checked. This blog post shows step by step how you can do this.… Read More

Java plugin development and deployment workflow

The core component of Apama is known as ‘correlator‘ and is powered by a language called EPL (Event Processing Language) that has a syntax which would be familiar to Java programmers. The EPL is native to the core engine resembles Java like syntax. The correlator can also be programmed by general purpose languages like C++, Java or Python using a plug-in mechanism. These are referred to as EPL plug-ins in general, for other types of plug-in refer the below note.… Read More