Category: Getting started with Apama

Query Basics

This blog post will give you a short introduction into the basics of Apama Queries and Query Designer. A query is one of the basic units of EPL program execution like a monitor.… Read More

Logging in Apama

Logging is a very useful way to understand the internal workings and state of an application, be it debugging information when an action is called, or error information when something has gone wrong.  … Read More

More advanced EPL: Contexts, channels and event filtering

In the Apama EPL first steps blog, we explored the basic concepts and constructs used to create EPL programs. In this blog, we will build upon this and look at some more advanced features of the EPL language, namely those around sending and receiving events, as well as extending our knowledge of filtering specific patterns of events.… Read More

Inheritance? In Apama?

One of the common questions we hear about Apama, and EPL, is: “How can I create derived classes?” The naive answer is “you can’t” – but let’s dig a little deeper.… Read More