What is Apama Community Edition?

Apama Community Edition is a freemium version of Apama by Software AG that can be used to learn about, develop and put streaming analytics applications into production

Who is Apama Community Edition aimed at?

Apama Community Edition is aimed at anyone interested in discovering and learning about Streaming Analytics, from developers and data scientists to business analysts and enthusiasts

When will the Community Edition become available?

Apama Community Edition is available for download today

How can I get Apama Community Edition?

It is available as a free download here or click on the download link on the home page of this site

Do I need a license key?

No, if you do not enter a license key the download available on this site will automatically run as a Community Edition version of the product

Will the product time out?

No, the Community Edition comes with a permanent, perpetual license

What differences are there between the Community Edition and the commercial version of Apama?

The main differences are that: the Community Edition is supported by the community, rather than Software AG; The number of threads that the correlator runs on is reduced to four; the number of query definitions is limited to five; and that the Correlator is restricted to using 1GB of memory.

The table below shows the complete list of differences between the two products:


How can I find out more about the commercial edition of Apama?

Please either contact to your local sales office or visit Apama on the main Software AG website here

Can I distribute non-commercial applications built on Apama Community Edition?

Yes, you may redistribute non-commercial applications using the Apama Core components package available on the download page. Please refer to Apama Core Community Edition in our Terms and Conditions for more information

What do the Apama Core components contain?

The Apama Core components make up a reduced-footprint version of Apama Community Edition and consist of the Correlator Engine, the client APIs and the command line tools. The Integration Adapter Framework, Eclipse-based IDE, dashboard builder/viewer and third-party database drivers are not included.

The components require less than 100MB of disk space to install and 25MB of memory to run. In addition to supporting Windows and Linux on standard PC hardware, the components are also available for Linux on the Raspberry Pi (model 2 upwards)

Can I distribute commercial applications built on Apama Community Edition?

If you wish to embed Apama into a commercial product you wish to distribute, please contact your local sales office. A complete list of all our offices is available here

Where can I find the T&Cs for Apama Community Edition?

You can find a copy of the T&Cs here